The Shark Angel's Pledge

I want to turn the tides for sharks!  As a Shark Angel, I pledge to:

  1. Give sharks a chance! Never consume shark products or support stores and restaurants that sell shark – including fins, jaws, teeth, cartilage, and squalene oil. Be sure to educate them on the issue and help them understand your choice.
  2. Get shark smart. Learn more about the issues and stay informed.  If possible, meet a shark or two!
  3. Be a positive voice for sharks. Correct the myths and misconceptions surrounding sharks. Promote media that is responsible. Educate friends, family and kids – especially kids!
  4. Stand up for sharks. Support laws to protect sharks.
  5. Never turn a blind eye. Keep an eye out for shark issues and report any issues you witness.
  6. Eat shark friendly. Limit (or eliminate) my consumption of seafood, and educate myself on how to eat sustainably.
  7. Build an army of angels! Encourage my friends and family to join me.
  8. Take action for sharks. Use my skills and passion to do something locally in my community.

Together, we can take flight. We have the power to make a difference for sharks, the oceans – the world’s largest and most important ecosystem, and ultimately, mankind.