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The Shark Angels are thrilled to join up with United Conservationists and fuel the Fin Free movement around the world. Fin Free is a global campaign addressing a very real issue: the mass slaughter of sharks to supply a growing consumer demand for shark fin. We believe that to protect sharks and ensure their continued existence, governments must get involved and institute legislation that bans the sale and trade of shark fin, following in the footsteps of Saipan, Guam and Hawaii.


(Shark Angel Julie testifies to committee of City Council in Toronto on September 9th to support the introduction of legislation in the City of Toronto to ban the possession and sale of shark fin in the city. Committee unanimously approved its review, moving forward with the important legislation. Many members were visibly moved by the images and video that the Shark Angels provided to dispute the oppositions claims that sharks weren't under attack, weren't plummeting in numbers, and most of shark inning is legal. In this case, our pictures were worth a 1000 words and thanks to everyone's support, and a few key testimonies, the legislation was moved forward and will be reviewed at an open council meeting in November. A huge win!)

Fin Free is a grassroots, action-oriented campaign to enable individuals to become Fin Free themselves, and then, through our toolset and support, respectfully encourage others (their family, friends, their legislators, their communities) to become Fin Free as well. And ultimately, it provides individuals the ability to organize locally and rally federal legislation in their communities, in a structured manner to ensure success, to make the sale and possession of shark fin illegal.

We are starting with Canada – as we have the necessary support, infrastructure, manpower, relationships and know how to make a very real difference for sharks. We believe if introduced, supported and managed correctly, we can not only make Canada Fin Free – but ignite a movement in other countries, including the United States and many in Europe, to become Fin Free as well. We’ve already experienced some great successes in Toronto and Brantford, and the movement is quickly growing so fast, we can barely respond to all of the inquiries we, as a blended team of Shark Angels and United Conservationists, are receiving. Sharkwater has been a key in motivating this legislation and also moving it forward - as we saw in Saipan. (Watch Sharkwater Saipan.) And, kids are getting involved all over the world - which we absolutely adore.

(Group of incredibly powerful and motivated kids who gathered hundreds of petition signatures and presented eloquently to city council in Toronto.)

We truly are kick-starting a positive groundswell effort around the country, equipping everyone with a constantly evolving set of tools to become educated, empowered, and take action while providing the necessary structure to keep the campaign consistent and ensure success. We have already guided the introduction of legislation in key areas primarily at the city level and now wish to introduce it at the national level starting with Canada, and also rally the support necessary, behind the scenes, to ensure success.

Operating on a positive set of guiding principles, Fin Free is also all about collaboration. To appeal to a broader audience, and ensure solidarity across organizations – we are branding the campaign independently with a unique URL and identity. Ultimately we hope every organization that supports shark conservation can get involved - we are paying it forward providing the assets and campaign to anyone who wants to get involved. And, we already have a growing list of powerful people joining us.

Fin Free

(Survivorman Les Stroud, Sharkwater's Rob Stewart, Shark Angel Julie Andersen, and the man behind Shark Angels, Fin Free, and United Conservationist's incredible media and branding - Built By Wildman's Paul Wildman.)

While we are providing the initial infrastructure, strategy, campaign, materials, and the information, this must be a movement powered by the people. More than anything else, the campaign rests in the public’s hands. This is a movement that must be fueled by the public, and that is where the decision lies. We are relying on the power and passion of Canadians and the rest of the world to bring our shared goals to fruition. Together we will change the tides for sharks.

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(Fin Free is getting great coverage - across all languages. We couldn't be more excited!)

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