Have fun and make a difference for sharks! Facebook games are all the rage. Now you can play one that is actually good for something!

Eight months ago, Shark Angel Julie started working with Good World Games to develop MyConservationPark's new Hammerhead  Shark park based upon the animals and ecoystem in Cocos island.

In the Hammerhead Shark park, your "hero" must be protected from an ever-growing number of human and environmental threats invading the marine protected area. Enrich your hero's habitat and balance the eco-system by buying native marine flora and fauna. Hire staff like Coast Guards and marine biologists to defend your hero and keep the habitat sustainable.

And now, you can even include Shark Angel Julie as a character in your park!  To redeem the character players can go to: Enter code: JulietheSharkAngel

Start your own marine protected area for sharks:  15% of money spent is donated to the Fin Free campaign, so play often!

Julie Andersen Shark Angel

See us in action

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