OJ Symcox

Shark Angels has long been active in the surfing community. In fact, we premiered our first short film at the Wavescapes festival in Cape Town four years ago. We also took several famous and seriously influential surfers diving with sharks. We’ve been working with surfers ever since – we believe they are great advocates for the cause particularly once their perspectives have changed, thanks to encounters with our finned friends. We even have our own line of surfboards. Of course, Shark Angel OJ (a champion surfer herself) is a great believer and works hard within this community.


In June, we were lucky enough to be included in a new movie “Surfing and Sharks”. Shark Angel Julie, Gail, OJ and Mark all were included and helped support the cause. The movie will be released, as all great shark films are, at Wavescapes in December. We can’t wait!

Shark angel surfboard

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