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Sam dreams of one day petting a tiger shark. Julie swims with them around the world and runs a non-profit dedicated to saving them. Together, this unlikely duo of Shark Angels is leading a movement to make a real difference for one of the most feared and malaligned animals on the planet. An animal they both happen to adore.

 Ever since he was a baby, Sam has loved sharks. Screaming with delight each time he saw Bruce the Shark on television before he was a year old, his parents knew then they raising a sharky. Sharks were his obsession and by 4, he knew the latin name for all his favorites. At 6, Sam decided to take his passion forward and begin giving presentations to other kids on shark conservation. He’s captured the hearts and minds of many – and even helped ban shark fin in California.

It wasn’t until a chance encounter with a hammerhead shark in her twenties that Julie fell for sharks. But, she fell very hard, selling her business, car and home – changing her life completely to fight for their survival.  Starting the non-profit Shark Angels, she inspires people around the world to take local action through her own courageous activities, the innovative campaigns and also the community they’ve built – 1000’s strong globally.

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The instant the two met, they were the best of friends.  “Julie’s the coolest. She saves sharks which are good for the oceans,” says Sam. And Julie is just as taken “Sam is food for my conservationist’s soul. Whenever I am discouraged, I remember I am fighting for Sam’s future – I want a world with sharks in it for kids like him.” Sam's mom, ocean activist and fellow Shark Angel is thrilled, "Sam literally wants to be Julie. He's definitely inspired and the two of them make a great team." Read Sam's poem about being a shark angel.

Julie is planning on taking Sam to meet some of her tiger sharks in South Africa, thrilled at the opportunity to fulfill his dream. In the meantime, the two of them are an inseparable team, earning their wings by teaming up on behalf of sharks at events, schools and other celebrity functions. But love them or hate them, Julie and Sam’s message is clear: we need them on our planet. With up to 73,000,000 sharks killed each year and more than 1/3 of the species threatened with extinction, the sharks are lucky to have people like them. Contrary to popular belief, sharks need all the guardian angels they can get.

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Watch Sam at the Long Beach Aquarium at 18 months meet his first Shark
Watch Julie Swim with Sharks

Read Sam's poem dedicated to and inspired by Julie

Shark week

I am a Shark Angel
I wonder why do people kill sharks
I hear the ocean
I see the sea animals
I want to pet a tiger shark

I pretend I am a shark
I feel happy when sharks are free
I touch the sand
I worry about sharks dying
I cry when sharks are killed
I am a Shark Angel

I understand why people kill sharks
I say sharks are good for the earth
I dream that I could save sharks
I try to save sharks
I hope I make finning stop
I am a Shark Angel

-- Sam, Age 7

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