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Activism can come from unexpected and inspirational places, and one of the better recent examples of this is fifth grader Lilly Forsythe from Chicago, Illinois.  Inspired by her own love of sharks and Discovery Channel’s annual “Shark Week,” Lilly and her friend Natalie put together a Shark Week Fin-Raiser, from which a total of $715 was raised and donated to Shark Angels. 

 “I care about sharks because I have read about them.  They are beautiful creatures that need to be saved. ” Lilly said, “You and everyone else should care, because sharks are a big part of our lives...Without them, the world would fall apart.  And all we do is kill them because we’re scared.  This is one of the most horrible things I have ever learned and we need to stop.”   Held at a restaurant local to her, “The Grafton,” her event was attended by more than forty people, and included a raffle and special menu, as well as viewing of “Shark Week” on every T.V. 

Her enthusiasm and passion is a beacon of hope for the coming generation and an example of the power of education and awareness.  We couldn’t be prouder to be welcoming her to our family of shark angels who are leading the way to create a foundation of change for our future and for the future of sharks.

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Saving the Sharks

Written by Lilly Forsythe

All of the people that say that sharks are horrible killers are completely wrong. The movies like “JAWS” and “The Reef” are fake horror stories that should have been forgotten. But people took it as an idea that all those sharks really do those bloodthirsty things. But they don’t. In my eyes, sharks are beautiful and graceful creatures of the deep.

They are mistreated and overlooked as horrible things that crave human flesh. But the truth is that sharks don’t like the taste of humans. Attacks are often cases of mistaken identity or they are provoked. I put on a special event in the summer of 2012 to help save these creatures. I raised more than $600 that was donated to Shark Angels, an organization that works to save sharks.

Millions of sharks are killed every year for countless reasons. Almost all of them are unnecessary and cruel. Less than five of us die every year from sharks. The money that I raised will help raise awareness for sharks so that even more people can know the truth about these beautiful creatures.

I have met many people that can help my dream of being a marine biologist come true. Many by e-mail, and some in person. But they inspired me. I hope that I can be a person that inspires others. Even if i’m only ten, I can still spread the word. 

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