Ocean enthusiasts (scientists, scuba divers, surfers, or simply those with a love for the ocean) have been exposed to information regarding the drastic decline of shark populations and the scientific ramifications of that decline through a number of increasingly visible sources in the past few years. Unsatisfied with limiting our audience, we sought a method to try and go a step further and broaden our reach beyond this market to new people. Our hope is to create this calendar that highlights these fascinating creatures and the institutions that study them, and also to inspire people to become more educated and involved in the movement to save our sharks (and in doing so, save our oceans).


All proceeds from calendar sales will be donated to our Fin Free campaign, a global movement to push and support shark friendly legislation and our Youth Shark Education campaign, which seeks to inform and inspire the next generation of conservationists. All contributions to the cause are greatly appreciated.

If you are a business and are interested in selling our calendars please email: cheryl (at) sharkangels.rgenta.com for wholesale prices and more details.




  • Beautiful shark images
  • Size: 11x 8.5 inches
  • Wiro bound
  • Week begins on Monday
  • IUCN status of all sharks featured
  • Shark fact on each page
  • Why sharks are so important
  • All photos used in this calendar were submitted by shark lovin' amateur photographers in a photo contest
  • The winners of the photo contest were voted on by the public and are printed in the calendar




See us in action

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