Is Fishing Legal?

  • There are legal shark fisheries all over the world – most of which have little or no monitoring or management – even though major declines of shark stocks have been recorded in the last few decades. Many governments and the UN have acknowledged the need for shark fisheries management, but little progress has been made.
  • The meat of dogfishes, smoothhounds, cat sharks, skates and rays is in high demand by European consumers and heavily fished. In North America, the blue shark is sought after as a sport fish while the porbeagle, mako, black tip and spiny dogfish are  part of commercial fisheries. In South Africa, many soupfins, seven gill and gully sharks are exported to Australia. In the U.S., Florida has the biggest active commercial shark fishery – accounting for over 4.8 million pounds of sharks.  And unfortunately, recreational shark fishing exacerbates the rapid decline in shark populations and making it even more difficult to regulate stocks.
  • The following countries have banned shark fishing entirely:
Congo-Brazzaville Maldives
French Polynesia Palau
Israel Honduras



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Certainly it must be illegal to sell shark fins?

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