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Uses for Sharks

Many people assume that because they don’t eat shark fin soup – then they can’t possibly be contributing to the demise of the sharks and rays. And while shark fin soup does account for a considerable amount of shark consumption, there are many other culprits. It isn’t just something that can be blamed on a single culture or country.

Often, it is surprising to discover what shark is actually used in. And it isn’t always the usual, easy to identify products, say with the word shark in the product name, like shark steaks, shark teeth or shark leather. Certain energy drinks, pet supplements, vitamins, lotions, dog chew toys, and even lipsticks - to name but a few - are all known to contain shark products. And often, shark is mislabeled as other, more appealing fish.

So here is an ever-growing list of uses for shark products, some obvious, some surprising.

Common Uses for Shark & Rays:

Shark fin Shark Fin Soup

Supplements / alternative medicine
(Shark cartilage & liver oil)

Shark Cartilage pills
Shark Cartilage powder
Energy drinks & supplements
Shark liver oil pills
Manta gill rakers

Squalene/Squalane (Shark Liver Oil)

Lotions, Deodorants
Medicinal creams
Lip balms, lipstick
Face cream

Steaks / fillets (shark & ray)
Shark Meat

Fish & Chips
Thresher, Mako Steaks
Rock salmon
White fish fillets

Skin/Leather (also known as Shagreen)
Wallets, Purses
Other Leather Products

Shark Souvenirs
(Teeth, Jaws, Skin)

(if it isn't a fossil, don't buy it.)
Pet products Food
Imitation crab, lobster, shrimp Surimi often includes shark

All of these products, if consumed, can include toxic methyl-mercury.

It is also important to note that more than ½ of the sharks caught are caught as by catch by tuna, marlin and other open water fishermen. Thus, ensuring you aren’t harming shark means not eating these fish.

Where to Commonly Find Shark:

Restaurants Grocery stores
Fish & Chip shops Online marketplaces
Health food stores Souvenir shops
Pharmacies Clothing & leather good stores
Cosmetic / Drug stores Pet stores

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