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Reaching the next generation

Classroom visits aren’t anything new to Shark Angels, but giving a presentation to over 700 kids between two schools was a day to remember for Julie Andersen.  Story by Chase Martin.

On Friday, October 4, Julie visited two schools in Irvine, Calif., Bonita Canyon Elementary and University Park Elementary. It was no coincidence that it was World Animal Day, as Julie was there on behalf of Shark Angels to speak to the kids about sharks and the dangers they are facing. 

Shark Angels visit Tanglewood!


Story by intern Kelly Randall


On August 1st, Co-founder and director Jamie, Joey and I went to the Tanglewood Nature Preserve on Long Island to speak to kids ages 5-12 at a summer camp about sharks. Tanglewood, the center for science teaching and learning offers hands on educational programs and workshops. We were going to teach the kids all about the importance of sharks, the status of sharks and some cool shark biology and most importantly how these kids can get involved.


Visiting the Pace Center for Girls

Story by intern Kelly Randall

One of our main goals here at Shark Angels is to help inspire children to pursue their passions- and of course to become shark lovers! With that in mind, Shark Angel's Executive Director Julie Andersen visited the Pace Center for Girls in Pinellas, Florida at the start of the summer. Jaclyn Mousoulias, a science teacher at Pace and avid ocean lover, asked Julie to come speak at the Center about the life of a Shark Angel in hopes of inspiring her 6th to 12th grade girls to pursue their passions- and they loved every minute of it! 

Why Sharks Need Their Week

shark week
We, as a society, love our monsters. And perhaps none are demonized and feared more than sharks. With Shark Week starting again next week, you might be surprised to hear the Shark Angels perspective on the programming.  Or maybe not – since the Angels are always, like sharks, in the middle of controversy. Simply put, there are bigger issues facing sharks and the positive aspects of the week prevail over the bad. 


#sharkselfie - It's going viral!


Shark lovers around the world are encouraged to take a shot of them with a shark - underwater or topside, hash tag it (#sharkselfie) and post it on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!