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Making the world safe for sharks... one store at a time!

Shark Angels empowers local action through online tools and a collaborative, positive network. This recent story out of Oklahoma should inspire everyone to take a bit of action in their hometowns. See a shark product on the shelves or menu? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We can help you remove it with a library of letters, educational materials, how-to guides and expertise. One person can make a big difference for sharks - and the Shark Angels can make that just a little easier.


Kids can save sharks!

Kids, you have a very powerful voice! And we have seen you accomplish amazing things for sharks!

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We are constantly asked what kids can do to help sharks. There are lots of ways to help sharks... Here are the top 10 ways for kids. We always encourage kids to get involved by combining their passion with whatever they are good at! We've had some great kids do amazing things for sharks - from teaching other kids to writing letters to governmental officials to hosting shark fundraisers... You can check out some cool kids for inspiration here...

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What are some easy things you can do to save sharks?

  1. Join shark angels and get involved locally! Like us on Facebook and sign up for our newsletter to stay in touch. .
  2. Bring a Shark Angel to your school to give a presentation on sharks! Contact us to plan it – we go to schools all the time. We'd love to come to yours.
  3. Increase your Shark IQ! Learn more at the Shark Angels site then stand up for sharks! Correct people’s misconceptions and tell everyone you know about what is happening. Teach other kids. We can give you plenty of materials to do presentations and show videos.
  4. Host a “fin-raiser”. Donate your birthday party to sharks. Have a bake sale. Get creative! Check out what Shark Angel Lily did!
  5. Develop a voice. Write articles and publish in school, local, and national media. Tell people that sharks need protection. Have them take our pledge.
  6. Don’t support stores and restaurants that sell shark products– and vote with your (and your parents) dollars. Ask them to stop selling shark – we can help you with a letter. Contact us!
  7. Keep your beaches clean. Throw trash in the right place. All that ends up in the ocean. Participate on a beach clean up.
  8. Donate! Get your family, friends and neighbors to help. Any amount makes a big difference for sharks.
  9. Make sure you and your parents make smart choices about the fish they eat. Only eat sustainably. Download the app or a wallet card.
  10. Encourage other schools and friends to get involved. Start a local Shark Angels club! Contact us! Download our awesome kids brochure here!


And bonus points if you are a SHARK CHERUB - meaning you've done something to save sharks. We'd love to tell your story... Send us some pics and what you did, and we'll feature you as a shark cherub to inspire other kids. Even more bonus points if you get cool shark angels gear and wear it to school!

We have a very informative web page that you can use for research – Shark Facts, You can reach out to us for assistance and guidance, just email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Please keep us posted on what you're doing, we'd love to post your articles and activities and photos on our website too, and use you as an example for other schools.

(Kids, be sure to ask your parents for help and their approval before getting started!)

Together, we can take flight. We have the power to make a difference for sharks, the oceans – the world’s largest and most important ecosystem, and ultimately, mankind.


To touch or not to touch?

This month, SCUBA DIVING Magazine is running an article authored by our executive director, Julie Andersen. Typically their "Ask the Expert" section has two perspectives on any topic, but given Julie's interesting position on touching sharks - they decided to have her author both perspectives. The thoughtful article is below.

The topic of touching sharks can spark heated debates. And it’s an inner turmoil I also wrestle with on a frequent basis having spent hundreds of hours underwater with sharks. A simple Google search will quickly reveal many images in which I am brazenly touching sharks. Yes, it is something I did (and often still am tempted to do), but it is something I don’t encourage. In fact, just the opposite.

Live Well & Save Sharks in July

It’s a monthly event! Shark Angels Auction: 
Live well and save sharks. All proceeds benefit Shark Angels!  What better way to do good and fuel our critical campaigns.

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Shark Sneak Attack!

Sexy time interrupted by a shark in your bathtub? Get ready… It’s happening in a bathroom near you. And learn 1) sharks aren’t what they seem, 2) sharks are desperate to hide from those hunting them into extinction 2) they can peacefully share the (bath) waters together – albeit killing the mood.