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Black Swan

It’s gone viral and getting an incredible amount of attention. Yes, that’s the executive director of Shark Angels, Julie Andersen, dancing with a supposedly dangerous oceanic whitetip shark. Beautiful, emotional and perspective shifting – which is what we aim to do with our media campaign. CHANGE THE DIALOGUE ABOUT SHARKS. We want to capture attention, get people talking, inspire them to learn more and hopefully change the future for the oceans. 

Paddle Out For Sharks

Aliwal Shoal has always been a special place for the Shark Angels - and removing the shark nets in those waters an important campaign we began five years ago. So, on Saturday the 8th of June, Shark Angels joined more than 130 ocean-lovers on the Scottburgh backline in South Africa on World Ocean's Day to celebrate the importance of sharks. The paddle included divers, surfers, freedivers, scientists, anglers and local conservationists, and proved to be an inspiring display of the support the local community has for our beautiful sharks.



Have you ever wanted to do something big? Have you ever wanted to make the world a better place or even help something that couldn’t help itself? Did you ever see Comic-Con and think it would be a lot of fun if there were something like that for the things you like to do or the issues you care about? Could a massive event about sharks and conservation get people of all ages excited to learn about and protect the oceans? What if there were a series of TED talks aimed at the Oceanographic world? These are the ideas behind Shark-Con, the Shark Conservation and Watersports Convention!

Join Us to Swim With Whale Sharks

Celebrate Shark Week early with a SHARK WEEKEND diving with them! Join us and get your shark "fix" in July! We'll be heading to Mexico to swim with whale sharks for a long weekend!

During the months of summer, on their long migration, the whale shark arrives to the Isla Mujeres waters feast on plankton. Gathering in groups as large as 100 members, you have an incredible opportunity to swim with the sharks so elusive, Jack Cousteau only saw two in his lifetime! Reports in from this year are great – over 30 whale sharks a day plus the opportunity to see dolphins and manta rays! In fact, this year is unique as GIANT MANTA RAYS HAVE BEEN SIGHTED ALMOST EVERY DIVE!!!

Inner city kids love sharks too!

love shark

Last week, as part of our education program, the Shark Angels visited an inner-city school in Watts, California to speak with an excited first grade class about saving sharks and protecting the seas– children who would not normally be touched by the oceans. We were greeted by 25 very excited youngsters, full of interesting questions and ideas of how they could help! As part of our program, they had been using our activity books and discussing sharks in the classroom for a week before our visit and had such thoughtful questions prepared for us like: "What do sharks smell like?" "How do sharks get made?" and "Do sharks eat people?"