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How could anyone want to kill them?

Shark Angels love getting youth invoived in whatever their passionate about. And feeding that passion! Which is why we think it is great Thomas is our youngest Finfree coordinator. At age 11, Thomas is doing what he loves during most of his free time. So we wanted to thank him, inspire him and help him understand what a big difference he is making. We arranged a behind the scenes tour at the Florida Aquarium to learn more about the animal he loves and protects.

Shark Dreams

What do you dream about? The infamous ABC4 dreams of sharks of course. Amazing new video from Shark Angels Andy Brandy Casagrande and Emma Casagrande launches today!

Make New York Fin Free


Want to help sharks? Take 5 minutes and make a difference. Tell your state officials we want to make New York Finfree. It’s easy and IT MATTERS!  To do so, you need to email both your state assembly member and your state senator. It's just 3 easy steps!

Sharks and Mantas finally win!

Image: Fred Buyle, Oceanic White Tip Shark - one of the newly protected species


This morning marked a bright new dawn for shark conservation, carrying with it the news that  five shark species, along with both species of manta ray and the freshwater sawfish have officially been approved for trade protection under CITES law. Shark and ray conservationists around the world have been waiting with baited breath for this confirmation of their efforts since talks began on March 3rd, and are hailing the results as nothing short of historic. Held this year in Bangkok, Thailand, CITES is the world’s biggest wildlife summit. Its purpose is to regulate cross-border trade in wild animals and plants in order to ensure sustainability, and it is attended by 178 delegates from governments all over the globe. 

HOGs meet sharks!

This weekend, as 30 Harleys rumbled into Blue Wilderness, their riders eager to experience and protect sharks, we were in tears, realizing this is so much bigger than any of us ever expected. Together, and with the strength of so many unexpected others, we can and will save sharks.

All the hard work, sacrifice and sadly, conflict even from places there should be none, is worth it – and days like this prove it. Much love to all the Shark Angels around the world working hard independently, and as a powerful movement, to save sharks. We are positive, united and a force for good making a real difference.

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