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Loving Eugenie Clark

What better way to celebrate Valentines Day than to celebrate one of our serious shark crushes. Dr. Eugenie Clark is a legend and inspiration to all of us at Shark Angels and so we thought it appropriate on this day to share a little bit more about an important lady – for sharks and for those who love them.  Many of us are honored to have had the opportunity to spend time with Eugenie who has welcomed us into her office, her research and even her home – and we also adore Mote Marine Laboratory, an incredibly special place doing good work on the behalf of sharks and all creatures in the sea.  Eugenie, thanks so much for inspiring our wings - you are, and will always be, the ultimate Shark Angel. 

"You don’t have to get in [the ocean to study it], but those of us who do love that aspect of it perhaps more than anything." - Dr. Eugenie Clark 

Freedive with the sharks and the Angels!

Anyone can dive with sharks! No certification or expensive equipment required! Now is your chance of a lifetime to experience the sharks with the Angels. Lose the tanks and join Shark Angel hosts Fred Buyle and Julie Andersen for an incredible opportunity to improve your freediving skills while getting into the water with some of the most amazing predators on the planet. You'll spend half the day in freediving workshops, training with Fred, an accomplished instructor and four-time free diving champion and world record holder. Then, hit the open ocean and spend the other half of the day putting your new skills to the test. Get up close and personal, freediving safely and comfortably with Oceanic White Tips, while learning shark interaction skills from the duo - who have spent hundreds of hours underwater interacting with sharks.  And you’ll be helping the sharks.

April 28 - May 4th, 2013 - Cat Island, Bahamas
Cost: $2,995 USD (Double Occupancy)

Help Our Friend Shark Stanley!

Want to be a Shark Angel and do something to help sharks? This is your chance! We are asking Shark Angels around the world to support Shark Stanley and his friends in their efforts to get more protection for sharks and rays at the upcoming CITES convention in March.  Sharks weren't so lucky last time around - let's put the pressure on the CITES representatives to do the right thing this time.

Progress for the Remove the Nets Campaign

On November 7th 2012, great progress was made in the campaign to remove South Africa’s shark nets, marking a huge step forward for shark conservation and standing as a testament to the power of grassroots activism. At the quarterly meeting of the Aliwal Shoal Forum in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, Shark Angel Mark Addison witnessed the KZN Sharks Board recommend the removal of the gill nets at Park Rynie to the local municipality. If this recommendation is acted upon (as every other Sharks Board suggestion has been) it will constitute the first step towards the abandonment of shark nets at Rocky Bay. The Sharks Board also recommended the replacement of the two nets at Scottburgh with drumlins. The Park Rynie and Scottburgh nets are both located within the boundaries of the Aliwal Shoal Marine Protected Area. This recommendation by the Sharks Board signifies a positive shift in their attitude to shark conservation and an incredible triumph for the Shark Angels and others, who have been struggling to achieve the removal of the nets since 2008. 

Durban HOGS love sharks

SHARK ANGELS CELEBRATE AS DURBAN HARLEY OWNERS COMMIT TO SUPPORTING THE WORK OF LOCAL SHARK ANGELS: On Friday evening, the Durban Chapter of the Harley Owners Group met at their club in Umhlanga to welcome new members and to introduce their chosen charity for 2013. Each year, the Chapter raises money by hosting charity rides for non-members wanting the Harley experience, and through sponsorships, rally fees and the Poker Run at their annual July Duma rally. Tickets to ride with the Chapter retail at R300 each, 50% of which goes directly to their adopted charity- last year, the Durban HOGs raised R60 000 for charities including ‘Dreams for Africa’ in Winterton, CHOC, Nashua Children’s Charity Foundation and the SPCA Durban & Coast.