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White Shark Finned in Mozambique

MOZAMBICAN SHARK FINNING TRADE CONTINUES UNCHECKED AS GREAT WHITE SHARK IS KILLED ON THE BEACH IN INHAMBANE PROVINCE: For most people, the great white shark is the ocean’s most iconic predator. It is the ultimate embodiment of nature’s power and an example of beauty at its most raw. It is quite simply, the undisputed sovereign of the sea. With this in mind, it is easy to understand why the Shark Angels found the photos of fishermen in Inhambane province in Mozambique dragging a white shark ashore last Monday so heartbreaking. These photos represented human greed at its worst; a greed so great that the degradation of the proudest shark in the sea is no longer seen as an atrocity by local people- instead, it has become a way of life. 

The Science of Sharks

Many Shark Angels are respected scientists and marine biologists whose work has contributed much to the preservation of sharks and the oceans. In our fifth year, Shark Angels is thrilled to announce a more formal involvement with scientists spearheading important research projects geared towards the conservation of sharks. Their hard work is fundamental to understanding and protecting sharks and we are pleased to be a part of it.

5 year olds and funny Tiger sharks?

Who knew that Tiger Sharks were so funny? According to the kinder class of a Los Angeles Elementary school they are quite the digestive diva's! I It's probably because they eat almost everything including slimy shoes and beer cans, but enough about those funny Tiger sharks.  Shark Angels came to talk about Shark Fin Soup! I explained that our sharky friends are in serious trouble, and it was time that we all became voices for them. I spoke about what really goes on with shark finning and how they come to the soup bowls of millions of people. The kids were not impressed, they were angry. "Why would people want that soup?! Tell them to stick with Chicken Noodle , it will make them feel better." blurted a young boy who had to stand up and shout this! Loved his enthusiasm I tell ya.


Freedivers and the Angels Unite

dive with sharks

Shark Angels has long been aligned with the freediving community, with legends such as Fred Buyle, Pierre Frolla and William Winram joining our ranks. It isn’t surprising,  as many angels have discovered the intimate interactions with sharks that only a tank-free dive on a single breath can deliver. Founder Julie Andersen has been an avid freediver since first ditching her tank in 2008 – taking countless children, surfers and even famous rugby players into the water to freedive with sharks ever since. 

Calgary Fin Free Needs Your Help


OUR FRIENDS IN CALGARY NEED YOUR HELP! On Monday, January 28th the Calgary City Council will be hearing the 2nd & 3rd readings of the proposed Shark Fin Bylaw, the final step which will bring a Shark fin ban to Calgary. From Shark Fin Free Calgary: "We need to show support to our City Council and applaud them for making such a monumental environmental statement on behalf of our beloved city! Opposition to the Shark Fin Ban has recently emerged and it is critical that we show our City Council that Calgarians remain resolute in their support of this issue!" People living in Calgary can make a difference for sharks.