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Return to Cocos Island

Julie Andersen, founder of Shark Angels, returns to Cocos Island nearly 10 years after visiting the first time, on a mission to protect the oceans with Mission Blue and Fusion Networks... She tells us what she saw. Bottom line: Cocos Island and so many places like it need our help...

Written By: Julie Andersen

Nearly a decade ago, I journeyed to Cocos Island, Costa Rica to experience first-hand the incredible schools of scalloped hammerhead sharks it is famous for. As a shark lover and passionate scuba diver, I couldn’t imagine a more amazing place. What I experienced instead was the impact of illegal shark fishing – from dwindling numbers of animals in a protected reserve – to the blatant fishing that occurred at night around the island, the under-resourced park rangers unable to stop the ruthless onslaught.  Dozens of fishing lights at night blinking on the horizon and huge bags full of seized long lines filling warehouses in the ranger station haunted my memories.

White Shark Africa

Written by Dan Abbott, Media & Conservation Coordinator, White Shark Africa,


Cage Diving

In Australia, Mexico and South Africa, great white shark cage diving is an ever growing industry. Whether for an adrenaline rush, an interest in sharks, or just something to do for a day while traveling, thousands of tourists jump into cages to experience the great white.

Tagging Sharks

The Art of Observing Sharks

tagging sharks

We realize that there is a lot of controversy over tagging sharks, you might be for or against using tags to capture data on sharks.  So we thought we would enlighten everyone about the different types of tags and what they are used for. This article was written by Rachel Jacobson who is currently studying marine biology and sharks at Stony Brook University.

Massachusetts goes Fin Free!


The journey to making Massachusetts shark fin free began in 2012 when two Shark Angels, Alayne Chappell and Carol “Sammy” Samarov, came together to build Fin Free Massachusetts. From there, they formed a broad coalition of ocean and animal advocacy groups, including The Humane Society, MSPCA-Angell, New England Aquarium, Shark Angels, Oceana, Women Working for Oceans, and several invaluable others. Together, with legislative sponsor, Senator Jason Lewis, they filed a bill to ban the sale, trade, and possession of shark fins in the summer of 2013.

Alexi's Story

shark conservation groups

Hi, My name is Alexi and I am 13 years old, in 7th grade, at Myrtle Grove Middle School in Wilmington, NC. I recently finished a school project called the problem/solution project … I was to research a problem in the world that could be anything from the environment, to cancer, to child abuse, etc. It had to be a problem that we were passionate about. I decided to do my project on the Misconceptions of Sharks and Shark Finning. Living on the coast of North Carolina, my whole family surfs...a lot! We have seen many sharks out here and every time I saw one it had always scared the heck out of me! I wanted to learn more about sharks so that way I wouldn't be scared of them when I went in the water. In the beginning I was planning on doing the project with four of my other friends, but they decided they weren't that interested anymore. I was torn because I wanted to do the project with them but I also had this gut feeling about doing my project on sharks. In the end I chose to stick with my idea and do it myself!