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An Avoidable Tragedy: Shark Incident in Cape Town

Julie Andersen, Shark Angel and resident of Fish Hoek, appeals to fellow Cape Townians, asking for reason and a rational approach to the the latest shark incident amidst concerns, fears and even a few irrational and ridiculous demands that Cape Town needs to take drastic action - perhaps by culling those great whites which do swim close to shore in False Bay - or installing shark nets.

Nature's Heros - Earth From Above

Over a year ago, Vu Du Ceil, famous conservationist and author Yann Arthus Bertrand’s very popular show in France, shot a piece on Shark Angel Julie and the Shark Angels for its third annual "Les Heros de la Nature". We just received it in English and are putting some of it online for you to see for yourself! We were lucky enough to work with a great team from France as well as a few Shark Angel favorites.