Rose Garden

Rose Garden

Hails from: Hong Kong
Currently lives in: Hong Kong
Favorite Place: Malaysia (Kapalai)
Favorite Things to Do: Swimming, diving, triathlons, cooking, teaching swimming, taking photos especially racing photos & underwater photos
Favorite Shark: Whale shark

What shark are you most like and why?
Whale shark – big doesn’t mean fierce…It’s the tamest shark of all  but many are bullied / killed by greedy humans

How did sharks draw you into their watery world?
Love to dive with them ~ they are graceful swimmers   Still hope to see schools of hammerheads or eagle rays one day!

Appreciate and respect what you have and keep them for our children’s children ~ stop unnecessary killings of marine animals and polluting the ocean!.

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Short Bio:
Grew up in the States and became a diver in 1993 – did my first dives around Laguna Beach & Catalina Island in Southern California.  Came to work and live to Hong Kong for almost 15 years and kept taking diving courses and have been a Divemaster since 1996.  

Becoming a teacher made me feel that education is very important for our younger generations to learn what we have.  We can learn how to respect and preserve what we have only if we know what they are.  However, each person must do his part in the protection of our nature.  Also, commercial power has always been distracting our focus on our love and protection of the nature.  Take shark-finning as an example.  Sharkfin soup is consumed mainly based on an old Chinese culinary tradition for it symbolizes wealth and high social status.  There is no nutritional value in it, and the mercury content could become lethal when it’s over-consumed.  

As an avid swimmer & diver, I’ve been a role model of NOT consuming sharkfin dishes.  I had my Chinese wedding banquet without sharkfin soup 6 years ago too.  Messages are also sent out to my friends to help our vulnerable oceans & marine pals.  I try my best to help save our oceans and the sharks in them.

Living in Hong Kong makes me realize the coming of massive sharkfin consumption to be expected as China’s economy is blooming and more and more become wealthier but these big-money spenders from mainland China lack environmental conservation awareness / knowledge.  Hopefully, Hong Kong can become the role model of a sharkfin-free city for the mainland Chinese to learn from.