Alisa Schwartz

Alisa Schwartz

Hails from: New York City, USA
Currently lives in:
Jersey Shore, NJ, US
Favorite Place:
Favorite Things to Do:
Travel, Scuba, UW Photography
Favorite Shark:
Have a love for them all! Tough choice!  Hammerheads.

What shark are you most like and why?
Great White…bold, big smile, highly curious, appear timid at times, EXTREMELY powerful ;-)

How did sharks draw you into their watery world?   
I learned scuba at age 11. Saw my first shark shortly thereafter (a grey reef shark) Hooked ever since.

The one thing I would tell people is to CARE. Our oceans are critical to all life here on earth. It covers 71% of the planet & produces many resources we need for survival. Sharks are a vital part of the process, maintaining healthy marine ecosystems. Jacques Cousteau once said, “People protect what they love.”  Caring is the first step!

Learn More:
Twitter: divefinatic

Short Bio:
Born & raised in NYC, a 4th generation New Yorker. Spent 2 years in South Florida where I learned all things “ocean” from my step-dad who is an ex-navy seal & Jacques Cousteau. Grew up on the adventures of the Calypso on TV. Studied Biology & Zoology at Michigan State University.  Always an activist for sharks & our oceans, but when social networking began, using my passion for these issues became paramount! I love teaching & spreading awareness for ocean issues hands on, using sharks as a focal point, with the children in grades K-12.  My hope is that with my enthusiasm, knowledge & guidance they will become the next stewards of our oceans. The children are our future, what will be left for them if we do not act now?