Briana Darcy

Briana Darcy

Hails from: Westchester, NY
Currently lives in: Yonkers, NY
Favorite Place: The Bahamas
Favorite Things to Do: Scuba Diving, Basketball, ATVing
Favorite Shark: The Great Hammerhead

What shark are you most like and why?
I am most like the Hammerhead shark because that shark is different from all the other ones and l am different from everyone else because I do things that kids my age would never do.

How did sharks draw you into their watery world?
I think they are amazing and different and I just love swimming with them because I know not many people do it and they might think that I am nuts but unless they are in the water with them, they don’t understand the feeling that I get when I jump into the water with sharks swimming all around me

Sharks are not man-eaters but graceful and magnificent creatures.

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Short Bio:
I was put here to save Sharks...

I was born on October 22, 1996 in White Plains NY. I currently reside in Westchester County. I am 14 years old and am the oldest of three. I am a member of The National Junior Honor Society and an Honor roll student. My favorite subject in school is Science, which I have received numerous awards for.

My interest in diving started at the age of 4. At the age of 5, I participated in the PADI Bubble Makers Program. At the age of 8, I participated in the PADI Seal Program and then advanced to the PADI Seals Master Certification. At the age of 10, I received my PADI Junior Open Water Certification in Marathon Key, Florida. At the age of 12, I received my Junior Advanced Open Water Certification. That same year, I also received my Jr. Nightdiver Certification, Jr. Digital UW Photographer, and Jr. Diver Propulsion Vehicle and I also received my Emergency First Response Certification. At the age of 13, I became a Jr. Rescue Diver, and my biggest achievement yet, I achieved my Jr. Master Scuba Diver rating. I also just achieved my Dry Suit Certification.

I am an associate member of the Women Divers Hall of Fame and also the recipient of the 2011 Women Divers Hall of Fame/ Ocean Pals Scholarship.

I am currently being sponsored by American Underwater Products, which consists of Aeris, Oceanic, and Hollis equipment. I am also sponsored by Thomas Sergent, who is the owner of Amphibious Warrior Scuba Wear clothing.

I am a member of Jr. Project Aware, and a member of The Divers Alert Network. I am a member of Shark Savers, Long Island Diving Association(LIDA), The Scuba Sports Club, Beneath The Sea, and a current member of REEF. I have volunteered with the Be A Diver pool since 2007 and for the past three years, I have volunteered with the Marine Careers Program at Beneath The Sea.

I love to teach my friends about shark conservation and about saving the sharks. I also love underwater photography, I hope with my photos, I can show the world how precious the worlds oceans are. Some of my photos have been featured in Northeast Dive News. My favorite sharks are the Great Hammerhead Shark and the Blue Shark.

My diving history consists of the Florida Keys, Aruba, most of the islands that make up the British Virgin Islands, The Leeward Islands, Rhode Island with Blues and one of my favorite places to dive is in the Bahamas with Cristina Zenato and my favorite friends, the Caribbean Reef sharks.