Florentine Leloup

Hails from: France
Currently lives in: France
Favorite Place: On or under the sea!
Favorite Things to Do:Working for sharks is my favorite thing to do! But I also love being with my horses, love exercising, and diving of course!

Favorite Shark:  
It would be hard to choose one but since I have to answer I would say Oceanic white tips Sharks, and Black tips (the first shark I met)

What shark are you most like and why? 
The Oeanic whitetip, he is curious, inquisitive, but you should not invade in his space

How did sharks draw you into their watery world?
They scared me the first time I met them when I was a little girl. I grew up with a fascination for them. I started to learn a lot about them and the more I knew about them the less I was afraid and today I am not afraid anymore, just passionate. I always dreamt of sharks plus I grew up by the sea. I'm in love with the sea. They finally became obsessed with them! So I've taken the pledge to protect them!

Please, reconsider your relationship with our oceans and  the undersea life. Just Respect it for what it is.  The ocean is our cradle, it should not become our tomb. Ocean is not money. Sharks are not money. The whole undersea life is everything but money. We have to stand together to turn and change our mind.

Inspire Us!
I created an organization in Canada to organize public events for the protection of sharks in Montreal, and other  crazy projects  for biodiversity. I met the Shark Angels, and I said: Shark Angels must invade Europe! Europe is late! I met other enthusiasts people, and together with the Shark Angels, we created Shark Angels France. The first project is a European student campaign to raise awareness for the protection of sharks. We had nothing, we launched the campaign with just our passion, and people have responded to the call! 

Anyone can get up one morning and say, now I'm starting to change this world with all those who are already fighting. Passion, and joined forces are the most powerful weapon the world has.

Short Bio:
I grew up in Polynesia on a boat and then I went back to France. I practiced a little bit equine ethology and I studied communication sciences in France (Lyon). My father lives in Canada and I recently created a Canadian organization named Echo5 with him and a friend, which aims to organize events about society and biodiversity. I'm actually working for Echo5 and Shark Angels France.