Paul Wildman

Paul Wildman

Hails from: Doncaster, Yorkshire, UK
Currently lives in: Cape Town, South Africa
Favorite Place: Africa
Favorite Things to Do:
Scuba diving, free diving and filming, especially with sharks.
Favorite Shark:
Tiger Shark & White Shark
What shark are you most like and why?

Tiger shark – you never quite know what I’m thinking

How did sharks draw you into their watery world?
I have been diving and filming underwater for almost a decade. So I have always liked sharks. But, after watching the movie Sharkwater, I knew I had to get active and work to save them. Now I am fortunate enough to work with Rob and the Shark Angels.

The very creature most of up grew up fearing is the very creature we depend on, in part, for survival. I wish more people would realize this and give sharks a chance.

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Short Bio:
Paul is a world-class creative strategist and talented filmmaker, capable of not only envisioning and designing, but producing cutting edge new media efforts across any channel – on screen, on paper, and online. A classical artist turned digital savant, Paul utilizes graphic design, social media and technology, cinematography and photography as his canvas to deliver his work. Combining this broad range of tactical skills with a creative vision and limitless new media capabilities, he is an incredible asset to any team and in a unique position, able to deliver high quality visual efforts while bringing innovative approaches to his work. With over 13 years of production, new media and Internet experience, leading commercial, non-profit and small independent projects, he has worn many different hats and has a wealth of experience from which to draw upon – for any type of media campaign.

After earning a degree in advertising, Paul spent the first 10 years of his professional career designing and developing best-of-breed new media projects that leverage the power of community, integrated marketing, interactive design, video and open source technologies. His award-winning portfolio includes kiosk applications, interactive, community based web sites, online games, animations, multi-media DVDs, commercials, traditional advertising and print work, branding and identity initiatives, and hand-held applications for companies that include British Airways, Sony Music, Eukanuba, Ernst & Young, Telkom, Sasol, and Nedbank. A desire to tightly integrate all new media disciplines, Paul honed his cinematography skills as well, editing and filming for Shift Interactive, and then, creating and running a creative department and a production studio for another agency (Amorphous New Media).

Unfulfilled, Paul left commercial design projects and productions behind in 2005 to start Lkwid, a small travel and underwater production studio in Malaysia and recently, Built By Wildman, a fully integrated, new media studio in South Africa and in the United States. Paul leverages his commercial filmmaking background and interactive design capabilities to deliver boundary-less new media campaigns – for non-profits and commercial organizations alike. In addition, his filming efforts have also been featured globally in several broadcast productions.