Featured Cherubs

Meet some very special cherubs who are inspiring other kids around the world to stand up for their future.

Sam H. - He's loved sharks since he was 10 months old and gives presentations to kids twice his age!
Ellie H. - She has traveled hundreds of miles just to meet her friends - the shark angels. She adores sharks and teaches everyone she knows about them.
Luke H. - His heroes are Rob Stewart and anyone involved in Air Jaws! He got over 1000 signatures in 3 days to make Toronto Fin Free.
Lilly F. - A true shark lover and entrepreneur, Lilly used the popularity of Shark Week to hold a fundraiser and earn $700 to save sharks!
Amber F. - She is a real junior eco-warrior, playing a big part in making Toronto Fin Free. 
Logan - At 8, he and his brother set up a lemonade stand to stop sharkfinning - earning $38 in one day to save sharks!

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