Hails from: USA
Currently lives in: USA
Favorite Shark: White sharks! They are, in my opinion, the prettiest next to the tiger shark. Those are my two favorites because they are known to be the most dangerous but also the prettiest.

What shark are you most like and why?
I would like to say that I am like a great white shark, but that’s just because they are my favorite shark and they intrigue me. I am probably more like a basking shark as I may sometimes be mistaken for a white shark, may act like one occasionally, but while I am quite harmless to people I am a formidable predator of millions of small sea creatures and have a vital role to play.

How did sharks draw Lily into their watery world?
Lilly discovered sharks through Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. Their combination of beauty and reputation for danger was inspiring. She was most fascinated by research that depicted sharks as intelligent animals with individual personalities not the mindless killers they were depicted as. She began searching for any and all information about sharks’s habitats, history, behavior and unique features.

“The ocean is the earth’s most important natural resource. It is important to protect it’s ecosystems and that starts with top off the food chain including sharks.” .

Lily's inspiring story!
Though Lilly lives in the midwest she hasn’t let that stop her from spreading the word about the importance of sharks to the ocean’s health. In August she used the popularity of Shark Week to promote a fundraiser to raise money to stop the practice of finning and promote the importance of the ocean on all people. She organized the event from top to bottom with very little help. It included a raffle, special shark themed menu and programming throughout the evening. Together she was able to raise over $700 which she donated to Shark Angels. Her most recent endeavor was to start the Ruff Stars program which raises money for local animal shelters through the sale of branded apparel and dog tags. Proceeds from sales are donated to approved local no kill shelters that help find homes for the thousands of homeless dogs and cats in Chicago. Read more!