Sam H

Age: 8
Currently lives in: United States
Favorite Shark:  I don’t have one I love them all. I mean crazy about them! I like pre-historic sharks too- like the megalodon. 

What would you tell people about sharks? 
I would tell them that some sharks have 6 or even 7 gills! Like the cow shark.

How did sharks draw you into their watery world?
One time when I was 10 months old I saw my first shark on TV his name was Bruce and he was a Great White from Australia. I went right up to the TV and tried to hug him. I thought he was Jaw-some! And that’s how my shark love started. Thanks Bruce.

I love being a part of Shark Angels because – I really love being a part of a team and helping sharks. I have loved sharks since I was 10 months old. The first shark I ever saw was a Nurse Shark.  Here’s a funny joke- who do the fish call when they get sick? The NURSE Shark! ;-))

What do you do for sharks?
I do presentations for kids my age - and even older kids - and teach them about why sharks are cool, and why we need them!! I live, breathe and dream of sharks!

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