Ellie H

Age: 7
Currently lives in: United States
Favorite Shark: I love Great White Sharks! They are big, fast, and awesome! I love to hear people say they are scared of Great Whites because then I get to tell them they have nothing to worry about.

What would you tell people about sharks? 
If you love the oceans then you have to love sharks. They keep the oceans healthy by eating sick and weak fish and animals. Helping to protect sharks helps everything in the ocean. Sharks don’t have “it out” for people, so people need to respect sharks.

How did sharks draw Ellie into their watery world?
Ellie has always loved sharks. Most kids can’t wait for Christmas but Shark Week is what really gets Ellie excited. Ellie loves to talk about the day she learns to scuba dive so she can swim with the sharks.

I love sharks because they are awesome. Sharks are very important for the planet. They eat sick and weak fish and animals and that helps keep the oceans healthy. We need sharks. Without sharks the oceans could slowly die and if the oceans die everything could die. We can help sharks by not polluting the oceans, by not over fishing and by not killing sharks for things like shark fin soup. I am just a little girl but I will fight to protect the sharks. You mess with sharks, you mess with me.

How does Ellie save sharks?
Ellie loves to tell other kids about her love for sharks and the oceans. She enjoys showing her friends and classmates all of her shark books. She can’t wait to grow up so she can do more to help protect them. She loves being involved with the Shark Angels and helping out any way she can. Ellie’s favorite shirt says “You mess with sharks, you mess with me!”