Age: 8
Currently lives in: United States
Favorite Shark: >Great white sharks.  I think it’s the coolest shark ever.  It’s the biggest shark and it can swallow a whole bunch of whatever it wants to.  Like when there’s a bunch of fish.

What would you tell people about sharks? 
I would tell them that they don’t eat people (they don’t like how we taste).  But they eat almost anything else, like fish, but also people have found crazy things in sharks, like a bottle of wine and some armour!

I started liking sharks a long time ago.  I studied sharks in 2ndgrade (I’m in 3rd grade now), and I learned about different kinds of sharks and I learned about shark finning.  This summer when I went camping, I saw lots of sharks at the aquarium and I saw how they swim.

How does Logan save sharks?
I was learning about sharks when I stumbled on information about shark finning (my mom read it to me).  I started feeling sad about the sharks, so I started to try to stop it.  I hope you can help stop it with me.  I had a lemonade stand for sharks.  I made $38.00 that I gave to stop shark finning.  At the lemonade stand, I gave people information about sharks and shark finning.  My little brother and I had fun.