Shark Cherubs

Meet Ella. She is the original and ultimate Shark Cherub. At age 9, she is on a personal mission to turn the tides for sharks. She started swimming with them at age 3 – and cannot wait until she is old enough to be a Shark Angel! She joins Shark Angel Julie, Gail and OJ on lots of missions to help kids, surfers and even big, burly rugby players (All Blacks, Springboks) meet and learn to appreciate sharks. In the picture above, she is teaching a group of orphans about sharks, right before they went out and met sharks for the first time! Ella told us last week "Right now, I am a Shark Cherub, a little one. As soon as I am 13, I will be a Shark Angel. And I can't wait."

A Shark Cherub is an Angel in training who is passionately committed to sharks. And as Ella has proven, kids have a huge potential to turn the tides for sharks.

Meet our other cherubs...

The Shark Angels are looking for other Shark Cherubs to help them with their work.  We believe that children hold immense power and can fuel this movement! Do you know a young person (under the age of 13) who is passionate about sharks and is making a difference? Are you a kid that wants to save sharks??? You can! Learn how!

Or, are you a Shark Cherub yourself? You are never too young to get involved and carry forward your passion for sharks! Shark Cherubs have written letters to their government about sharks, hosted Sharkwater/Shark Angel movie screenings, held fundraisers to raise hundreds of dollars to save sharks, have protested channels that portray sharks as monsters, and have even created materials – including commercials - to educate people about the shark’s plight. A few have even been swimming with sharks!  Download our awesome kids brochure here!

We have plenty of ideas and would love to support your passion (or your Shark Cherub’s passion.) Please email us if you want to nominate a cherub or become one yourself. Our Charlie is also getting into the action to help kids get involved.

Meet Charlie

And we love receiving drawings, stories, poems, video messages and letters. Our future is in the eyes of our youth. It is our hope we can groom a new generation to take our torch and lead and even broader campaign.