Shark Diving

shark diving

There are quite a few controversies in the world of sharks, but shark diving certainly sits at the top. SHOULD YOU or SHOULDN’T YOU? How can you do it safely and with minimal impact on the sharks? Is it really a good idea?

From our perspective, anyone can swim with sharks. In fact, we hope you do. By doing so, you’ll reinforce the positive influence that human and shark interactions can have on conservation efforts. We aren't encouraging everyone to jump into the water with a great white shark without a cage, but we do advocate becoming educated and making an effort to meet a shark or two. The most important factor in protecting and being an ambassador for this activity is making sure you do so responsibly - so we’ve compiled what we hope to be a useful toolkit of information regarding diving with sharks, and how to be as shark friendly as possible. After all – lives are at stake… theirs – not ours!

SHARK ANGELS ON SHARK DIVING: Learn why we think shark diving is so important – and what your responsibility lies during the interaction!

MYTHS & MISCONCEPTIONS: You may personally have or receive a lot of questions about shark diving. Here’s a helpful Q&A about the most common concerns or issues people have when determining what TO or NOT TO dive with sharks, as well as information regarding the impact of shark diving on local ocean environments.

SHARK DIVING GUIDELINES: A compiled list of best practices from many of the Angels. Everything you need to know before, during and after shark diving!

CHOOSING AN OPERATOR: Questions to ask to become informed.

HOW TO HELP SHARKS AS A DIVER: Want to help save sharks? Proving they are more valuable alive than dead by getting into the water with them helps, but there is also a lot more you can do.

DIVING WITH THE SHARK ANGELS: We love to take people to meet sharks and get involved in local shark conservation - making your trip even more meaningful.

PLACES TO DIVE WITH SHARKS: Here’s growing list of some great places to go and get into the water with sharks.

TO TOUCH OR NOT TO TOUCH: Article on shark touching

Most of us at Shark Angels are not shark scientists, but we do have a great deal of practical experience with sharks. We have made sharks our passion and our vocation. Many of us have been diving with sharks for years, logging thousands of dives with a number of different dive operations around the globe in a wide range of conditions with at least 50 different species of sharks (primarily with the large, charismatic species that often receive a bad reputation). Many of us have individually spent hundreds of hours underwater with sharks. There is no doubt that we all share a healthy respect for these animals. We have studied, experienced, observed, and learned from the best teachers, but we have also seen what irresponsibility or knee-jerk reactions can do – both immediately and long term.

While continuing a steadfast support for the shark tourism industry, we believe that there are best practices when it comes to interacting with sharks.

This is meant to be a place to share and exchange information – so please, if you’ve got any input, suggestions, things and places to add, don’t hesitate to send it to us. We’ve compiled these based on our experiences with the intent of sharing our personal best practices – not to create the definitive shark diving guidelines or legislate the sport. We would love to hear from you!

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