Diving Adventures with the Angels


Dive with Thresher Sharks, Whale Sharks, Black Tip Sharks, Mantas, Mandarin Fish and more! This trip has it all from large pelagics to the small interesting critters. So bring your wide angle and your macro lens.

Spend 4 nights in Malapascua and 3 nights in Ticao Island. Get ready for some unique and totally off the beaten track dives, when we take our own safari dive boat and travel from Malapascua to Ticao, We will be diving 3 sites that have not been seen by many divers. In Donsol you will encounter the wonderful and gentle giants of the sea: the whale shark. This is a unique trip designed exclusively for the Shark Angels.

 Join Us... Philippines March 30-April 9, 2019.   $2,385.00 per person

Dive with Jamie Pollack, Executive Director and Jodi Leafer, Fundraising and Events of Shark Angels. Swim with the elusive Thresher Shark, Snorkel with the giant Whale Shark, Say hi to a Black Tip Shark, Look in the eyes of a manta ray, See the cute and colorful mandarin fish. Plus many more unique species.


  • 21 Dives / Whale Shark Snorkel
  • Firefly River Tour
  • Safari Boat including meals
  • 1 Night Accommodation in Cebu
  • 4 Nights Accommodation in Malapascua including breakfast
  • 4 Nights Accommodation in Ticao including breakfast, lunch, & dinner
  • 1 Night Accommodation in Donsol including breakfast only
  • 3 Days Marine Park Fee in Malapascua
  • 3 Days Monad Shoal Marine Protection Fee in Malapascua
  • 1 Night Dive Surcharge in Malapascua
  • Lunch for Gato Island


Excludes: International & Domestic Flights, Dive Equipment, Nitrox, Additional Day Trips, Additional Night/Dusk Dive Surcharge, Additional Marine Park Fees, Meals in Cebu, Lunch & Dinner in Malapascua, Drinks, Cebu to Hotel Airport Transfer.

Deposit is $800 non refundable. Final balance due Jan 15, 2019.

For more info or to reserve your spot contact: info (at) reefrainforest.com.

Malapascua is the only place in the world where Thresher Sharks can be spotted all year round. It also has some of the best macro in the Philippines. Gato Island is a marine reserve and sea snake sanctuary where there are many residence white tip sharks.

In between Ticao Island and Malapascua is a channel with several small islands along the way. These islands are pristine, untouched, and generally uninhabited. Be among the first people to dive and explore these unknown islands of the Philippines. Our safari tour will take you from Malapascua to Ticao Island and you will dive places that have been kept secret for generations.

Ticao Island is where the Manta Bowl lies and this is the Philippine’s capital for Manta Rays. Manta Rays may be the staple, but since the Ticao Pass is characterized by cool waters, strong currents, and cleaning stations, other sharks and pelagic creatures like the whale sharks, threshers sharks, and hammerhead sharks drop by also.


Donsol is renowned as the whale shark capital of the world where the highest congregation of whale sharks can be found during the season of November to June.

Schedule: 10 nights

Day 1, March 30, Arrive Cebu City
Overnight in Cebu Hotel

Day 2, March 31
Transfer to Malapascua by Road (approx 3.5 hours) & Boat (approx. 1/2 hour)
Accommodation: Ocean Vida

Day 3, April 1
(Dive 1) Thresher Shark Dive
(Dive 2 & 3) 2 Day Dives
Accommodation: Ocean Vida

Day 4, April 2  
(Dive 4) Thresher Shark Dive
(Dive 5) 1 Day Dive
(Dive 6) Night Dive
Accommodation: Ocean Vida

Day 5, April 3
(Dive 7) Thresher Shark Dive
(Dive 8 & 9) Gato Island
Accommodation: Ocean Vida

Day 6, April 4
Safari Boat from Malapascua to Ticao
(Dive 10, 11, 12) Exploratory Dives
Accommodation: Ticao Island Resort

Day 7, April 5
(Dive 13, 14, 15)  Ticao Dives
Accommodation: Ticao Island Resort

Day 8, April 6
(Dive 16, 17, 18)  Ticao Dives
Accommodation: Ticao Island Resort

Day 9, April 7
(Dive 19, 20, 21)  Ticao Dives
Accommodation: Ticao Island Resort

Day 10, April 8 
Boat Transfer to Donsol
Whale Shark Interaction
Night Firefly River Tour
Accommodation: Elysia Beach Resort

Day 11, April 9
Transfer to Legazpi Airport for onward flight

For more info or to reserve your spot contact: info (at) reefrainforest.com.