Brandon McMillan

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Hails from: New Jersey, USA
Currently lives in:
California, USA
Favorite Place:
Africa: Kenya & Tanzania
Being in the water - surfing, diving; animals of all shapes and sizes
Favorite Shark: Mako and Tiger. It's definitely a tie.

What shark are you most like and why?
A mako. I am fast, powerful and harmless. (Though I may not look that way.)

How did sharks draw you into their watery world?
As a surfer I’ve always had a brotherly respect for them. Once I dove with them I realized they’re more docile than a puppy. I adore diving with them and now, have a much deeper and different appreciation for them.

Respect and appreciate the shark…we’re just not on their menu.

Inspire us!
I’ve teamed up with Shark Angels to create one of the most innovative projects ever attempted. We’re rescue dogs at animal shelters and train them to sniff out illegally trafficked shark fins in ports throughout the world. Dogs’ noses are 25 times stronger than humans so if there is a shark fin in the vicinity, the dog will find it. We’re saving the lives of dogs and saving the lives of sharks. 

Organizations I support:
Shark Angels (of course!), ASPCA, American Humane Association

Short Bio:
I’m a wild animal trainer and behaviorist. After training animals for movies for most of my life I decided it was time to give back. Animals gave me a life; I’m just returning the favor. My goal is to use my skill set and team up with animal organizations to combat the illegal animal black market.