Fin Free

Making the World Shark Fin Free

The Shark Angels are thrilled to join up with United Conservationists and fuel the Fin Free movement around the world. Fin Free is a global campaign addressing a very real issue: the mass slaughter of sharks to supply a growing consumer demand for shark fin. We believe that to protect sharks and ensure their continued existence quickly, governments must get involved and institute legislation that bans the sale and trade of shark fin, following in the footsteps of Saipan, Guam and Hawaii.


Fin Free is a grassroots, action-oriented campaign to enable individuals to become Fin Free themselves, and then, through our toolset and support, respectfully encourage others (their family, friends, their legislators, their communities) to become Fin Free as well. And ultimately, it provides individuals the ability to organize locally and rally federal legislation in their communities, in a structured manner to ensure success, to make the sale and possession of shark fin illegal.


And victory abounds! Our joint Fin Free campaign is spreading throughout the US, Europe, Canada and Australia gaining immense traction – with Richard Branson even declaring his support. Legislation is pending in several states and cities with Shark Angels leading the charge in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Australia, Massachusetts, Florida, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Washington D.C. The movement to reduce unsustainable consumer demand developed even more momentum with China announcing that it would remove shark fin soup from the menu of their government functions over the next three years, and the European Union (previously the largest exporter of shark fins) closing loopholes that allowed their fishermen to remove shark fins at sea.


In 2013, we are ready to continue the battle  –  bringing the front lines to many new exciting  places, including London and New Zealand! Watch this space!


A world issue - not a cultural one

Toronto goes Fin Free