Alexi's Story

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Hi, My name is Alexi and I am 13 years old, in 7th grade, at Myrtle Grove Middle School in Wilmington, NC. I recently finished a school project called the problem/solution project … I was to research a problem in the world that could be anything from the environment, to cancer, to child abuse, etc. It had to be a problem that we were passionate about. I decided to do my project on the Misconceptions of Sharks and Shark Finning. Living on the coast of North Carolina, my whole family surfs...a lot! We have seen many sharks out here and every time I saw one it had always scared the heck out of me! I wanted to learn more about sharks so that way I wouldn't be scared of them when I went in the water. In the beginning I was planning on doing the project with four of my other friends, but they decided they weren't that interested anymore. I was torn because I wanted to do the project with them but I also had this gut feeling about doing my project on sharks. In the end I chose to stick with my idea and do it myself!


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We started this project in early September and it lasted until about late May. We first had to research our problem and then write a research paper on it. After that was done we had to figure out how we would help our problem. I had no idea what to do because all I thought was, how am I supposed to help sharks if the finning doesn't even mostly happen here?! I finally chose to help raise awareness about sharks by teaching a lesson in my younger brothers 5th grade class.

shark conservation groups

I first showed them a clip from Finding Nemo and created a PowerPoint which taught them all about sharks and common misconceptions. After I was done teaching, they created shark hats. The whole class loved it and they were really interested in all the facts and statistics I had taught them! Once we had completed both our problem and solution, we had to create a trifold board that showed all that we had done and finally, presented it to our school. There were over 150 students, many parents and grandparents, college professors, and people from our local newspaper. Everyone had to judge whose board they thought was best and which one they were most interested in. Out of all 30+ students in the class my project won! The winner of this project was given 50 dollars to donate towards their cause! I chose to donate the money I earned to your organization! So be on the lookout for a check from Myrtle Grove Middle School, I'm not sure when it will be there but it is on it's way! I also wanted to let you know that even though my project is over I still hope to help raise more awareness about sharks. I realized that no matter how small I am I can make a big difference in my community if I put my mind to it!