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Shark Conversation

Skype in the Classroom enables us to use technology to connect with kids and teachers all over the world discussing the importance of sharks. It is a fantastic way to be able to touch as many kids as possible.

No longer limited to only local schools, the Shark Angels are now able to bring shark conservation into classrooms across the globe. On our page on Skype in the Classroom, we have over 500 interested classrooms worldwide with over 6000 page views. We have participated and led countless hours of education. So far, the Shark Angels have spoken to audiences in Texas, Ohio, Florida, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, California, New York and Arizona and have even crossed the northern border to talk about sharks with students in Canada and the sea into Russia and England!

Having the Shark Angels use Skype in the Classroom is a great learning experience for kids, especially those who may not be able to see sharks in the wild or wouldn’t normally hear of shark conservation issues because of where they live.

We ask for a donation of $250 per Skype session and a $500 donation per in person presentation.


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Spreading the word is the biggest advantage these presentations give us. We are teaching these kids that they need to be the voice of the sharks, because they are the only voice this species has. Unfortunately, most kids are heavily influenced by the negative portrayal of sharks in the media and as a consequence, typically fear sharks. We target this issue and are there to dispel the myths. Our main goal in these presentations is to change their perception, to show them that sharks are not their enemy, and to reassure them there is no reason to fear sharks.

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We teach them about the biology of sharks, share some amazing shark statistics and we even have some shark trivia questions which keep the presentations interactive and fun!

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During these presentations kids learn about the threats to sharks, such as new terms like overfishing, finning and bycatch. Most kids are astonished at how many sharks are often killed by humans each year, as it is a fact they are unaware of, specifically through the process of shark finning. We teach them that sharks are victimized mostly for their fins because of their high market value. Most kids understand that sharks balance the marine ecosystems and that if they were to be removed, those ecosystems would collapse. What kids do not understand is the economic aspect of sharks, so, we often give them examples through tourist experiences they may have had. We teach them that a live shark is more valuable and worth more money than a dead shark.

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Incorporating clips and videos into our presentations helps to make them personal, inspirational and gets the wow factor! This connects them on a more personal level, plus, if they see a video of a Shark Angel swimming with sharks they are more likely to open their mind and become less afraid. A more hands-on touch of fun comes with the loads of props we bring for the kids. Puppets are our most popular props, kids love to play with them and learn about the species while doing so. We show shark teeth of numerous shark species to pass around to the kids or hold up to the camera so they can feel and see them. By the end of the presentation we know that the kids have learned that this is an apex predator we cannot afford to lose. We want the kids to feel and take advantage of all the power they hold in their hands. At the end we hand out post cards, coloring pages and stickers that encourage them to take the pledge, hold a fin-raiser, and join our team!

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