Hails from: Huntsville, Alabama
Currently lives in: Tampa, Florida
Favorite Place: Belize
Favorite Things to Do: Diving, Obstacle racing, reading
Favorite Shark:  Greenland Shark

What shark are you most like and why? 
Like the bull shark I prefer being solitary, but close to the action.

How did sharks draw you into their watery world?
My father worked for NOAA when I was growing up. He would bring me home posters of the different types of sharks. I have been fascinated ever since the moment I looked at the first one.

Sharks are often seen as viscous predators, but most would ignore you or mostly shy away from you. They are one of the only apex predators that you could say that about. Yet, sharks are the most diverse and interesting of all apex predators in my opinion. 

Inspire Us!
I got my degree in Marine Science from the University of Miami Florida. While there I assisted with research on both lemon and nurse sharks. I have since finished my Masters Degree and hope to begin my PhD in Marine Science at USF. I am currently a volunteer diver at the Florida Aquarium. I have big plans to bring shark conservation awareness to the world with the help of Shark Angels.

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