Hails from:
 Los Angeles, CA
Currently lives in: Santa Monica, CA
Favorite Place: The Beach
Favorite Things to Do: Teaching children, spending time with family and friends, sharing music, swimming in the ocean, paddle boarding, traveling, photography, saving sharks, keeping our ocean clean!!

Favorite Shark:  Great white shark

What shark are you most like and why? 
I love all sharks but great whites really pull me in because they are intelligent, mysterious, calculating and majestic. They are the backbone of the ocean.

How did sharks draw you into their watery world?
I have always been a water baby but as I grew older I realized how important it was to protect our oceans and it’s animals. Sharks especially call to me because I feel that they are so misunderstood and misrepresented by the media. It’s important to me that people understand that they are NOT a threat to us but rather we are a threat to their livelihood.

Without our sharks and oceans we would cease to exist. We must learn to respect and cherish our oceans and all the life it holds. As a child I was taught to fear sharks, and now with the knowledge I have gained as an adult I am able to embrace and protect them.

Inspire Us!
As a member of shark angels I am helping to spread awareness about these majestic creatures, starting with our youth. I go to schools and educate children on ocean conservation. If we can teach children to love and respect these creatures rather than fear them then we can create a future of people who care about sharks and seek to save them rather than kill them. . In the past I volunteered at Heal the Bay aquarium and taught children of all ages about the ocean, its life and how we can help make a difference. I travelled to Greece with Earthwatch to study and survey the behavior of Bottle-nosed Dolphins in the Amvrakikos Gulf, in order to help maintain and expand their population. I also share the word of Shark Angels with all who will listen. If you have a cause you believe in, SPEAK UP!!!  

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Short Bio:
Born and raised in Los Angeles, I am a true California girl! I have always been drawn to the ocean and its power. It is my place of peace. Nothing cures me better then a run and jump into the cold salty water! I work primarily with children. I taught preschool for 3 years at a beautiful school in Santa Monica and would always incorporate the ocean into my lesson plans and activities for the children. I work in Malibu now for a wonderful family who supports my cause as much as me! My schedule allows me to volunteer my time and voice to shark angels and our fight for sharks! I’m a travel junkie and always up for new adventures and challenges!   

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