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Hails from: Los Angeles, California, USA
Currently lives in:
Los Angeles, California, USA
Favorite Place:
By the ocean
Favorite Shark: Great Whites

What shark are you most like and why?
Whale sharks - they are peaceful, graceful and intuitive.

Tell us something cool about sharks:
Sharks don’t get cavities probably because they are constantly shedding teeth. Sharks have 40-45 teeth, with up to seven rows of replacement teeth behind them. When a front tooth breaks or falls out, it takes only about one day for a replacement tooth to move forward to the front row. Sharks can go through more than 30,000 teeth in a lifetime!

My son Sam drew me into sharks. Kids have that power to reel in their passions and stick it on their parents, only some of them are lucky to see it.

Short Bio:
I started last summer 2010 as a consultant and educator for non-profit organizations such as Shark Savers and Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, as an outreach children’s educator in marine science. When I met the Shark Angels, I knew it was a great match! I am working in the areas of special events planning, public relations, celebrity and community outreach, fundraising and development and loving every minute of it. Even though it was my son's passion originally, now it is truly not just my passion but my life!

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