Hails from:
 Rumson, NJ
Currently lives in: Los Angeles, CA
Favorite Place: Under the sea
Favorite Things to Do: Swim, design jewelry, hang at the beach, and pretty soon scuba dive!

Favorite Shark:  Hammerheads! When I was younger I thought it was so cool that they had these distinctly shaped heads. Since then I’ve learned that hammerhead sharks are considered to be one of the most respected sharks in Hawaii and are believed to be a type of guardian angel. What’s not to love?

What shark are you most like and why? 
Probably the Lemon shark. We have a similar love for warmer waters, social networking, and a general lack of negative aggression. It’s all about positive energy flow.

What would you tell people about sharks? 
You’re more likely to be bitten by another person than by a shark.

I grew up on the beaches of New Jersey, just north of where the movie “Jaws” was based. I like to think I’ve been fed into the over-dramatized fear/hype, and came out on the other side with love and understanding.

Inspire Us!
I’ve always carried a strong nautical feel through each collection of my personal jewelry line. When I added a collection based on sharks alone, I knew that I wanted to work with a cause where my designs would work towards the greater good of sharks & marine life. That’s when I found Shark Angels, and it feels like the perfect fit. This newfound focus follows through into the story that I’m now able to pass along to my buyers, where they become equally excited to be a part of the fight to save something that our oceans just cannot live without. 

Learn More:
Carlie's Amazing Jewelry (we angels love it!) 

Short Bio:
Carlie’s signature jewelry line, Morgan Patricia Designs, is crafted around an aquatic allure. These miniature, wearable sculptures are brought to life with her own two hands using several techniques, most prominently being the ancient art of "lost wax" where Carlie hand carves each piece before casting them into precious metals.

Having grown up between the sunny beaches of South Florida and the Jersey Shore, Carlie spent the better part of her childhood exploring the shoreline for storm-strewn sea glass, shells & shark teeth. That fascination lives on, as nature has never ceased to inspire her, whether it’s with her work or personal life. 

“I strive for that connection between designer and collector, that rare opportunity to feel, communicate and share the power of art,” explains Carlie. Owning a piece of jewelry that truly speaks to you & your purpose can transform your entire attitude and appearance without saying a word. It’s about understanding the story of each piece’s transformation from the initial concept and inspiration, through the wax carving process and into the final casted creation.


See us in action

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