Hails from:
 Born in Melbourne, Australia but now lives in New Zealand.
Currently lives in: Kapiti, New Zealand
Favorite Place: My favourite place in the whole world is the beach! Weather its sun bathing, body boarding or splashing around in the waves! Lots of days I will go down and pick up all the plastic I see to avoid it getting wrapped up in a turtle’s throat!
Favorite Things to Do: Obviously I love being in the water, but I adore my guitar and music. I especially love going out in our family boat.
Favorite Shark:  All sharks are beautiful to me, but the one that stands out the most, is the blue shark! 

What shark are you most like and why? 
I think I am a bit like the blue shark because of my personality. I’m a pretty fun person who likes to be around other people. They’ve been described as the ‘puppy dogs of the sea’ so I could be like that in the sense of being hyper and full of energy!

What would you tell people about sharks? 
We need to ignore the false image that they have been given as a scary, man-eating, blood-thirsty monster and realize that in actual fact they need our help just as much as the cute pandas and polar bears. 

Everybody loves sharks… wether its through fear, excitement, hate, curiosity or genuine love. For me, its genuine love. They are so… AWESOME. They way they glide through water, mysteriously dive and furiously jump. I just love it.  

Inspire Us!
I totally understand that I am only 14 year old and live in the small country of New Zealand. But I care way too much to let that stop me. Since I started my campaign, I have been in documentaries, held stalls at events, made websites, put up posters, made videos, handed out my own stickers, had radio interviews, been in the newspaper, been in magazines, featured on many websites and gone up the country to speak at events. I NEVER shut up about shark conservation, so I know that I am definitely getting my message out there! I made my own logo for my website and I got lots of interest from it, so I turned that logo into stickers which I send out to people all around my country! I’ve become extremely well known for the ‘cool shark stickers’. On my journey to save sharks, not only have I met some incredibly people and attended some amazing events, but also I get feedback from people all over the world! I’m known as the ‘shark girl’ around my area. The biggest thing I do is on a normal day I go around and speak to large groups to promote my cause. Shark Finning is terrible, so there is nothing I wont do to help!

Learn More:
Website: www.stopwithfinning.weebly.com
Facebook: Stop With Finning
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JvMA4YtaO0A

Short Bio:
When I leave school in a couple of years, I want to go straight to university and get qualifications to become a marine biologist. After that, I really want to work with sharks specifically and get into conservation. Eventually, one of the biggest goals I have is to board a Sea Shepherd ship and do a campaign with them.


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