Friday November 16th - Shark Angel Education presentation, Malibu California

Written by Lisa Harris, Director of Events and Educational Programs

Walking into Point Dume Marine Science school in gorgeous Malibu California, is like walking into another world… the sea. I wanted to be 8 yrs old again and jump into their art adorned walls of whales, sharks, rays and seals. Is this really a school one would ask? Hey sign me up for this one. Who wouldn't want to be surrounded by all these amazing animals, oh and don’t forget their aquarium or what they refer to as the ' SCIENCE CENTER." 

We started our presentation with eager 5 and 6 yr olds all smiles, waiting patiently sitting crisscrossed on the auditorium floor. We were surprised, ...not really, THIS IS a marine science school lol, at their astonishing knowledge of the sharks and their habitats. Both Jamie and I led the presentation with our multiple choice power point that had the kids giggling away, especially when Jamie took out the puppets and showed them how a Hammerhead shark begins his delicate dance of eating his desired prey.


Our second groups of kids were the precocious and young marine scientists in training, of 10 and 11 yr olds. We showed them our videos of all campaigns and fin free work in Asia, along with snippets of Rob Stewart's SharkWater.  The kids were really inspired and asked us how to get involved. They came up with all sorts of ideas, from bake sales, concerts, art shows, to "Fintastic " fundraisers! All of these great ideas came to us as we held a mini pow -wow in their science room, adorned with fabulous tanks of leopard sharks, and tanks full of kelp as they explained their vital functions for our eco-system. 


All in all it was a wonderful morning meeting these bright, energetic kids and teaching them about how important our marine animals are to our planet. With that being said, this is why we educate, involve, inspire kids all over the nation and world about sharks and our oceans. Our education department is vital to our organization and we will stop at nothing to inspire and continue our educational program at Shark Angels. Are you ready to save the sharks? Shark Angels are coming to a school near you...


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