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We think kids have an enormous voice - and the power to change the world. So it only makes sense that we would focus our efforts on our Shark Cherubs education programs while concentrating on awareness, we are developing a new generation of Shark Angels from Tonga to California. The Shark Angels have already developed presentations, videos, activity books and conducted presentations around the globe – reaching thousands of kids. But while in-person visits are a common outreach practice, the Angels’ educational outreach reached a new level when they began using Skype in the Classroom. No longer limited to only local schools, the Shark Angels are now able to bring shark conservation into classrooms across the world using Skype in the Classroom. Skype in the Classroom enables us to use technology to connect with kids and teachers all over the world discussing the importance of sharks and dispeling the myths and preconceptions about sharks. It is a fantastic way to be able to touch as many kids as possible.

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Believing that the future belongs to them, we seek to empower and inspire children to take action and protect their oceans – and sharks.  From Shark Cherubs Lilly Forsythe, a fifth grader from Chicago who raised $715.00 for Shark Angels with a “Fin-Raiser”, to Sam Harris, an eight year old who gives presentations to kids twice his age, to Thomas Ponce, an eleven year old from Florida who is leading Fin Free Florida, to inspiring a classroom in rural France to Alexi who did school project on sharks and won – we are empowering kids to create meaningful change. And we are learning as much as we are teaching! Are you a kid that wants to save sharks? Here's how!


In 2013, we want to touch as many shark cherubs as possible through Skype or in person visits. visiting as many schools as we can – all around the world. We will be developing more training programs, materials, websites and a traveling campaign that educates and also activates – putting tools into our youths’ hands to develop an ocean ethos and inspiring them to bring about change.

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